Work Smart with EnGenius Cloud

Easy to manage and monitor multiple sites in hierarchy view and with real-time device status and comprehensive features for business needs.
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Quick Access to PDU Status

EnGenius Cloud unifies all PDUs in a single platform. The PDU list displays essential power usage data and outlet status for network administrators to access efficiently.

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Detailed PDU Status & Power Data Statistics

Obtain comprehensive real-time data and power usage statistics for each PDU outlet's current, voltage, and kWh usage, empowering you to optimize power consumption effectively.

Individual Outlet Scheduling

The product enables individual outlet scheduling, improving energy management. Users can customize outlet operations, optimizing power use and efficiency.

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Self-Healing Reboot

The PDU consistently monitors internet connectivity by pinging a reliable hostname. If disconnected, it reboots the gateway outlet, helping in internet restoration.

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AI-Driven Hyperview Dashboard

The EnGenius Hyperview dashboard, with AI-driven analytics and visualization, offers a user-friendly interface for monitoring real-time power metrics while displaying electricity costs to enhance budget management.