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Get Your Network Ready with an All-in-One Moblie App

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Easy deployment and configuration

The Simple Way to Meet Your Networking Requirements

  • It’s all set, good to go now.

Smartly Manage Your Network Without Pains

    Use the comprehensive dashboard to get a 360-view of your managed network with visualized insights. Observe network usage by all clients or different Wi-Fi networks.

  • A quick view of network health status
  • Top N report for devices, clients, and applications

    Get an overview of connected clients for specific devices or within a network. The client timeline tool can assist in troubleshooting connection issues for clients.

  • A quick grasp of client status and signal strength
  • Block clients when suspicious behavior found
  • Granular client access control for Wi-Fi Networks
Take full control of access points and switches within the network, from monitoring real-time status, network usage, or any configuration changes.
  • A quick grasp of device configurations
  • Real-time meters for device utilization
  • Log for devices when abnormal occurs

    Get real-time alerts by mobile notifications, helping you to stay informed and take care accordingly.

  • Custom or use predefined alert criteria
  • Notification center for historical alerts

Riched Features Your Business Needs in One Place

Better improves identity authentication and data encryption

The latest authentication enables more robust personal data encryption and protects force attacks against offline password guesses.

Take the devices apart into different networks for security concerns

The separated guest network prevents the clients from communicating with each other and protects your business from malware of guest devices.

Limit the upload and download bandwidth for your networks or users
You can set the bandwidth for the SSID or client to prevent network congestion while ensuring the performance of your network policy.  
Block the suspicious client devices from your networks

Network monitoring features allow you to find the potentially harmful clients and deny them to access your SSID.

Customize captive portals and deliver information with splash page

You can create captive portals for different SSIDs and build the splash page with versatile templates to share brand information and messages to your guests.


Keep Your Network Growing with Your Business

Expand networks in no time
As your business grows, purchase new devices to add to your network quickly. Once you get new devices, scan the QR-code of devices for registration, and all devices would join your company network and being automated-provisioning immediately whenever devices connect to the Cloud.
Manage all branch networks remotely
When your business grows, and there is a need for branch management, you can manage multiple remote networks in real-time through just one Cloud To-Go account and a single pane of glass.
Leverage expertise for local site network management
After the business grows, you can assign different users with privileges to manage various branch networks with the team member feature.
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