Supported Devices of EnGenius Cloud

The EnGenius Cloud device lineup is centrally managed from an intuitive interface. This feature-rich, easy-to-use dashboard empowers customers to reduce operating costs and rapidly implement IT initiatives to achieve their organizational objectives.

Cloud-Managed PDUs

The EnGenius Cloud Switched PDU Series provides a versatile power management solution, featuring advanced surge protection, seamless cloud management, and easy installation. Its unified management for EnGenius network devices and remote power cycle capabilities streamline power control and troubleshooting across diverse environments.
Safety and Reliability

Unrivaled Safety and Reliability

Cutting-edge surge protection with a fireproof MOV module safeguards outlets and maintains voltage stability, ideal for fluctuating power environments.

Cloud Platform

Energy Management via Cloud Platform

Remote control via EnGenius Cloud enables efficient energy management, monitoring, and unified device management for improved simplicity and efficiency.

Innovative 1

Innovative Hardware Design

Compact design allows easy installation with versatile options and a rotatable, full-color LCD with intuitive control simplifies on-site maintenance.

Smarter Power Management

EnGenius Cloud SD-WAN Gateways

EnGenius Power Distribution Units


Cloud Managed 1U 12A Smart PDU with 6 Metered Outlets


Cloud Managed 2U 12A Smart PDU with 14 Metered Outlets

*The EnGenius PDU series is currently only available in the North American region. [More detail]

Start with Free and grow with PRO License

EnGenius Cloud devices come with all essential features for quick deployment, easy administration, and visualized insights of network management. In addition, you can upgrade with a PRO license to empower devices for more security and advanced features, granular control with in-depth monitoring while your business is fast growing.
Basic Plan

For SOHO, SMB, and fast-growing retail and hospitality to manage networks in a simple way

PRO License
Professional Plan

For SMEs, managed service providers and networks required more advanced features

Cloud License Price
FREE (no license needed)
Cloud Network Management
Easy Administration
Smart Networking
Visualized Insights
Team Members question circle
The administrators (admin or viewer) of Org and Networks
10 users
Max Network no. in an Org question circle
The maximum number of Neworks you can create in an Orgnization
(Recommend 500)
Cloud Radius and Voucher Service question circle
The authentication entries allowed while use EnGenius Cloud Authentication including authentication users and voucher users
100 entries
10000 entries
Clone Network question circle
Allows you to clone network-wide settings from the backup when creating the Network
Client List Export question circle
Export client list as .csv file
Scheduling Report System question circle
Basic can generate only 1 report. Pro plan can schedule the report regularly
1 report
Customer Support
Limited support
Priority support with on-line tool
Group 4753 1
Statistic Data Stored question circle
Get comprehensive data and analytics on PDU performance
3 days
30 days
Change Log question circle
View a detailed record of all PDU modifications and updates
Alert Notification question circle
Set up alerts and notifications for critical PDU events
On/Off only
Backup & Restore question circle
Pro plan can backup all network-wide settings and restore in case mis-configuration during the period
API Integration (3rd party) question circle
Integrate and control your PDUs programmatically through external systems

Cloud Feature Plans Comparison

Basic Plan

For SOHO, SMB, and fast-growing retail and hospitality to manage networks in a simple way

Professional Plan

For SMEs, managed service providers and networks required more advanced features

Group 4755